Sisters of Hope Midlothian, VA
Sisters of Hope                                                       Midlothian, VA 

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"Just as Moses needed his friends Aaron and Hur to hold up his arms to continue the battle, (Exodus 17:12) so I need others on the same journey to help and encourage me on this so long difficult road. Meeting with these women who have had a similar loss has become a highlight of the month. We share our stories with tears and laughter, offering companionship, compassion, tissues and good food! This month we celebrated a birthday with home made German chocolate cake! We experience God’s faithfulness in His promise to bring goodness out of our pain."



"Sister's Of Hope has been a huge encouragement and blessing in my life.  I moved here from Pennsylvania just months after our son Matthew's death. I had been in a support group in Pennsylvania after losing our daughter 8 years earlier and now was to start this journey again, without my friends in the North. God had a better plan and the group was formed here in Richmond Area. We really help and are always there for each other when times get really tough."



"Sisters of Hope is a place where I can be accepted. I can talk about my daughter and know that the other moms can hear my heart! My daughter was kiiled by her husband in 2007. My sisters in this group provide a place for me to share my grief, find the beginning of healing and experience Joy! God has provided!"



"I don’t know how I would’ve dealt with the horrific loss of my only biological son, Joshua, had I not met this group of genuinely caring ladies.  I live many miles away from family and close friends.  The excruciating pain I was enduring, after the shock of losing him wore off, made me feel helpless and hopeless.  I needed to talk about Joshua and be understood.  The compassion and empathy that Sister’s of Hope gave me finally made me feel like somebody “gets it”.  They really do understand the profound effect and intensity of this tragic loss.  Meeting other mom’s and listening about their losses has empowered me to want to help others in any way possible."




God's Gift of Beauty

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